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Découvrez ce qui se passe dans le réseau Afrobaromètre. Ceux-ci incluent des événements, tels que des séances d'information pour les médias et des discussions et pourparlers par certains membres du Comité exécutif d'Afrobaromètre. Utilisez les filtres ci-dessous pour chercher des nouvelles, des événements et bien plus encore d'information.

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Aumenta a percepção da corrupção em Cabo Verde Read more
A percepção da corrupção em Cabo Verde é baixa, mas tem vindo a crescer e perpassa todos os setores. Read more
The Millennium Development Goals expire this year. Member states, including South Africa will meet in New York from the 25-27 September to adopt the post-2015. Read more
Ghana’s place at the forefront of African democracy and good governance has been called into question by a recent series of corruption scandals. Read more
Afrobarometer released 2014 survey findings last December showing that most Ghanaians think that some, most, or all public officials are corrupt Read more
Selon la dernière enquête d’Afrobaromètre à Madagascar, 31% des Malgaches souhaitent que le modèle américain soit considéré pour le développement économique futur de Madagascar, lorsque 29% optent pour la France et 26% pour la Chine. Cependant, la... Read more
South Africa celebrates Youth Day every June 16 to commemorate the students who lost their lives during the Soweto Uprising in 1976. An estimated 3,000-10,000 students marched to protest the apartheid government’s directive to make Afrikaans a compulsory... Read more
Students protesting at the University of Cape Town
One of Afrobarometer's senior advisers, Robert Mattes, will be a discussant at the Academy of Science of South Africa's "Measuring Deprivation in Order to Promote Human Development in South Africa". Read more
Usually a communications officer at the core partner office has to oversee the communications work taking place at national partner level after survey in terms of backstopping, support and training where needed. Also you are required to attend at least... Read more
A statue of Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo.