Snapshots of South Africa's democracy at 21: Afrobarometer 2015 results on democracy, immigration, and trade unions.

Event Date: 
9 Feb 2016

Event: Afrobarometer Lunchtime Seminar

Date: Tuesday, February 9

Time: 12:30pm–2pm

Location: 105 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town City Bowl, parking at Jewish Museum

Contact: Wendy Mpatsi: 021 202 4071; [email protected]

You are cordially invited to attend the second release of Afrobarometer’s 2015 survey data, a lunchtime seminar on the state of South Africa’s democracy at 21. The event will form part of IJR’s Open Weeks.

The data will show snapshots of public attitudes and preferences towards democracy, immigration, and trade unions. The seminar, which will begin at 1pm February 9 at the IJR, will include a brief presentation and a question and answer session.

Mr Jan Hofmeyr, the head of the policy and analysis unit at IJR, will open the event. Followed by presentations of findings by Ms Rorisang Lekalake, Afrobarometer assistant project manager, and Mr Sibusiso Nkomo, Afrobarometer communications coordinator.

South Africa, now its 21st year as a democracy, is grappling with major socioeconomic and political “growing pains,” as citizens continually re-evaluate its role in their lives. Join us as we discuss these issues and their implications for the current democratic dispensation, and find out what South Africans are saying about where we are as a nation.