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10 things to know about Afrobarometer data & methodology.

1. Afrobarometer has collected data on the perceptions and attitudes of African citizens since 1999.

2. Our data are collected from nationally representative samples.

3. All respondents are randomly selected; every adult citizen has an equal chance of being selected.

4. Samples are distributed across urban/rural areas in proportion to their share of the national population.

5. We use face-to-face interviews in the language of the respondent’s choice.


Togolese voice strong support for two-term limit

By a 6-to-1 margin, Togolese citizens favour a two-term limit for their president, according to a new Afrobarometer survey.

Based on the October 2014 survey, 85% of respondents agree – including 60% who “strongly agree” – with the statement that “The Constitution should limit the president of the Republic to serving a maximum of two terms in office” (see Figure 1 below). Only 13% favour no limit on presidential mandates.


Les Etats-Unis sont plus admirés par les Togolais, mais la France est plus influente

Un Togolais sur trois choisit le modèle de développement des Etats-Unis comme le meilleur pour le futur du Togo, selon la plus récente enquête nationale d’Afrobaromètre.

La France, ancienne puissance coloniale, n’arrive qu’en quatrième position, derrière les USA, la Chine, et l’Afrique du Sud, au rang des pays dont les Togolais aimeraient suivre l’exemple de développement.
Mais la majorité des Togolais pensent que c’est la France qui a le plus d’influence sur le Togo.