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10 things to know about Afrobarometer data & methodology.

1. Afrobarometer has collected data on the perceptions and attitudes of African citizens since 1999.

2. Our data are collected from nationally representative samples.

3. All respondents are randomly selected; every adult citizen has an equal chance of being selected.

4. Samples are distributed across urban/rural areas in proportion to their share of the national population.

5. We use face-to-face interviews in the language of the respondent’s choice.


Groupe de Recherche en Économie Appliquée et Théorique

About us

The overall strategic objective of GREAT is to actively and meaningfully participate in make Mali a producer of knowledge. It will contribute to this by the scientific thinking to a qualitative change in our society. Qualitative change produced by the knowledge must be observed in speech, in conduct, in decision-making procedures, in attitudes, in the well-being and in the knowledge of the people. GREAT product data and publishes articles quarterly and publishes policy briefs each month.